Who are we

Biomet EOOD was founded in 1991, while its subsidiary Global Biomet EOOD was founded in 1997. The main business activity of both companies is transport of goods and passengers.
Apart from our headquarters in Sofia, we have offices in London, Paris and Barcelona. They are key units in our organizational structure and ensure the high quality of our services.
From the outset, one of our guiding principles is to work with new equipment only. We purchase tractors, buses and trailers from established brands in the industry – Scania, Schmitz Cargobull, Macola, O.ME.P.S., Schwarzmuller, Willig and others.

Our fleet is composed of standard flatbed trailers, mega trailers, “double-deck” trailers, cisterns for transportation of liquid fuels and LPG, refrigerated trailers, various tractors and buses. All our vehicles meet the EURO VI standard, as well as the newest European standards related to transportation. 
The warranty service of our vehicles is a responsibility of the manufacturing companies. For the purposes of current and post-warranty maintenance, we dispose of our own garage and repair facilities, situated on a large area in Sofia. The base includes an auto repair service, equipped with specialized equipment, on-site gas station, car wash and offices. We also have a team of qualified technicians and a mobile service facility, providing 24/7 support on the territory of Bulgaria and in neighboring countries. All this helps minimize downtime of vehicles due to technical failures and maintain a consistently high quality of service, which has been the stable foundation of our excellent reputation for more than 25 years.

Another core activity of ours, launched in 2004, is logistics. At the end of 2005, we built and opened a large distribution center in Sevlievo. This was done in collaboration with Ideal Standard International – a leading international manufacturer of sanitary equipment and fittings. The center’s purpose is to provide storage and distribute for transportation to Eastern and Western Europe finished products of Ideal Standard International’s factories in Sevlievo.